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Omron Mesh Model NE-U22

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Omron Mesh Model NE-U22
Product Use : Omron Mesh Nebuliser provides respiratory therapy for asthma, bronchopulmonary and other obstructive respiratory disorders.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Omron
1 Omron Mesh Model NE-U22 NebuliserNZD $844.70
2 Omron Mesh Model NE-U22 NebulisersNZD $1,664.00
3 Omron Mesh Model NE-U22 NebulisersNZD $2,470.80
5 Omron Mesh Model NE-U22 NebulisersNZD $4,075.50
Information - Omron Mesh Model NE-U22

This newly developed mesh technology from Omron generates very fine medication mist; each droplet size is about 5micrometers - ensures that  medication reaches deep into the respiratory tract. Provides high nebulisation rate at more than 0.25mL per minute. Minimal residual medication; minimize wastage. Can inhale at any angle, even when tilted or lying down. Very quiet operation, makes this suitable for home, clinic or outdoor use and inhalation at night. Lightweight and compact, easy to take along anywhere. 2 modes of operation - Continuous : for continuous nebulization, Synchronized : for intermittent inhalation that synchronize with breathing. 

For respiratory therapy for asthma, bronchopulmonary and other obstructive respiratory disorders. Medication that can be nebulized by NE-U22 - Orcinoprenaline sulfite, Isoproterenol hypochlorite, Ipratropium bromide, Bromhexine hydrochloride, Epinephrine, Gentamicin sulfate, Trimetoquinol hydrochloride, Sodium cromoglycate, Procaterol hydrochloride, Acetylcysteine, Budesonide, Salbutamol hemisulfate.

Extended Information:
This product is powered by 2 x AA batteries and also has AC adapter for mains use.


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