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Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support

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Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support
Product Use : Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support is designed to provide strength and support ankles.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Futuro

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1 Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support 1 supportNZD $46.00
2 Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support 2 supportsNZD $90.60
3 Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support 3 supportsNZD $134.70
5 Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support 5 supportsNZD $222.00
Information - Futuro-Sport-Adjustable Ankle Support

The Futuro Sport Adjustable Ankle Support is designed to provide strength and support for stiff, weak or injured ankles. It also helps provide protection from further injury.
Due to its anatomical structure, the ankle joint is a wobbly matter and almost everyone has already experienced painful spraining  a result of the lateral ligaments or the outer ankle having undergone a major strain. Futuro ankle supports hug the anatomical contours applying a slight compression on the affected painful areas of the joint and providing warmth.
This ankle support has a heel loop for ease of application and an adjustable strap for custom fit and level of support.

Adjustable size - One size fits most
Adjust to fit 7.0 - 11.0 in. / 17.8 - 29.9 cm


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